If you have a curly head, you’ve probably heard of  the Curly Girl Method. At first it may seem a little confusing but with this article we will try to help you with some of the main points.



The Curly Girl Method was created by Lorraine Massey who wanted to help people take care of their naturally curly hair, finding their hair’s texture and maximizing natural waves and curls. She compiled all information on the book she wrote: “Curly Gir: The Handbook”.

The CGM is a hair care method that trades in damaging habits for a healthy curly hair regiment. Throughout the method you will notice a lot of changes in your hair, especially notice it healthier. It is not uncommon to find people with wavy hair who started the method and discovered that, after all, the hair was quite curly.

In the book you can find the do’s, don’ts and the ingredients you should avoid.

This method basically means you should avoid silicones, sulfates, drying alcohols and heat styling.

Sulfates are usually present in shampoos and considered harsher for curly hair.

Silicones create a balse barrier so hair appears to be frizz-free and shiny

Some alcohols cause curly hair to be dry and frizzy.

The Curly Girl Method is a journey for people with wavy, curly and coily hair, that will enhance and encourage their natural curl pattern. There is a strong community around this method (facebook groups, blogs…) that can really help you to get started.

Some recommendations:
  • This method takes time and patience. So don’t give up, in the end it will pay off.
  • Always do your independent research and evaluate how your hair also reacts and evolves – there is a lot of information and also support groups out there.
  • Take pictures throughout your journey, they will be a great motivation to continue.
  • A great tool to check a product’s compatibility through its ingredients is Curlsbot.

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