Bellissima My Pro Diffon Supreme 770W


Bellissima My Pro Diffon Supreme hot air diffuser gently dries hair, for defined, tamed curls. Hydrated, flexible hair thanks to the “good” heat of the ceramic.

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Directions of use:

1. Only use a wide-tooth comb when applying conditioner. Combing the hair after washing brushes out the curls

2. Dab hair gently with a towel to remove excess water without rubbing

3. Pick up the hair on the plate of the diffuser, moving from the tips up to the root, bringing the diffuser closer to the scalp.



At Bellíssima we take inspiration from the most advanced professional technologies, creating easy-to-use tools that can meet all your styling needs, at home and whenever you like. We are by your side every day, to help you express the originality of your style, so you always feel bellíssima.


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Weight 0,85 kg
Dimensions 17 × 19 × 22 cm


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