Pre-Poo: 4 Great Beneficts

After shampooing does your hair feel harsher, more tangled or even dry? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to try a Pre-Poo.

What does it mean?

Pre-poo means preparing the hair before you shampoo. It comes from the term pre-shampoo and it’s an extra step in the hair care regimen that protects the strands from drying out due to shampoo.

The shampoo’s purpose is to clean product residue, extra oils, and dirt off the scalp .

What is Pre-Poo?

If we go by the literal meaning, it means “before shampooing”. It is a technique of applying a product to the hair before moving on to the normal shampooing.

For many Curlies, using a shampoo, even if sulfate-free, can be quite harsh on their hair if it is not properly moisturized before and after the washing process. Shampoo will strip your hair of all the dirt, toxins, and product buildup.

But it will also strip away all the natural oils that the hair needs. It will penetrate the cuticles of your hair, providing moisture and preventing the shampoo from stripping away those essential oils, thus protecting your hair’s most fragile strands.

Pre-Poo can be done with oils, conditioners, masks or with specific products for this purpose.


  • Provides Hydration and add extra moisture to dry locks

You probably already know that for a Curlie, you can never have too much moisture! The treatment will provide extra moisture, restoring hydration to some strands of hair that may need it the most.

  • Avoids “Excessive” Cleaning

We know you’re probably thinking that cleansing can never be too much. But the truth is that deeper cleansing will constantly strip away essential oils and nutrients so that your hair can stay defined, shiny, and healthy.

Pre-Poo will help restore those oils and protect your hair follicles.

  • Makes it easier to detangle hair

Many of the knots your hair has will get even worse after washing, and can often even lead to breakage. By using the treatment and letting it work on your hair for a few minutes, you will notice that your hair detangles much more easily.

  • Makes Hair Healthier

When you start introducing it into your routine you will notice your hair strands are smoother and shinier. Your scalp will also feel much more hydrated and healthy. Overall, your whole hair will thank you!

Types of Pre-Poo to use

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the type of pre-shampoo product to use. Some people use oils like olive oilavocado oil, or coconut oil. Others prefer aloe vera, mango butter, and even regular conditioner, either alone or combined with an oil.

Regardless of the product, you can pre-poo as often as needed based on the overall condition of your hair.

Although your choice of pre-poo is based on preference, some products are better for certain hair types. You can pre-poo before every shampoo or once or twice a week.

How often should you Pre-Poo?

The frequency varies from person to person. Since all hair is different, this will depend on the needs of your hair. Ideally, you should experiment to understand how often you should introduce Pre-Poo into your routine.

So, if your hair is wavy, lacks volume, or is greasy at the roots, then you probably shouldn’t opt for this treatment so often as it may weigh your hair down.

Tips to Pre-Poo if you have fine hair

As we have already mentioned, it is normal that the products used to do this treatment weigh down your hair. Our advice is to do the Pre-Poo with a mask. By using a mask you’ll be providing your hair with the moisture or nutrients it needs, and also helping to detangle the hair, and then the shampoo will just clean the excess product that will be left in the hair, thus preventing weighing it down.

Are you ready to get started of  Pre-Poo? Here’s our product suggestion:

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