Mielle Organics Rice Water Clay Masque - Review


About me and my hair

I started my journey in the Curly World about a year and a half ago! Previously I thought I had weird straight, dry hair but then I met Curly Ness and started to realize that maybe I had wavy or even curly hair.

After I started experimenting with some products, my curls started appearing and getting more and more defined.

Even though I followed all directions for healthy hair, I reached a point where, even using a clarifying shampoo, my hair still looked heavy and a bit sticky. It was then that Curly Ness recommended the Mielle Organics Rice Water Clay Mask! This was definitely a product that revolutionized my hair routine!


There was a time when my hair stopped forming curls. It always looked sticky, heavy, and dirty. Frizz was constant and no matter how much I use a clarifying shampoo, my hair doesn’t seem to react anymore. It became lifeless!

This is when I know that my hair is crying out for help and needs a reset.

Antes visto de frente
Before - front view
Antes - visto de trás
Before - seen from behind


Mielle Organics Rice Water Clay Mask has a creamy, pink appearance and a mild but quite pleasant smell. It is safe for hair, scalp and also skin.

In the shower, after wetting my hair and using the shampoo, I divide it into sections and apply a generous amount to each section, spreading the product well from the scalp to the ends. Then I put on a shower cap and leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes. Lastly, I just rinse it off and my hair gets immediately feels amazing!


As I said, the feeling immediately after rinsing is immediately amazing, you feel the hair quite soft and with a nice scent. After styling, my hair is noticeably shinier and lighter. The scalp also appreciates the use of this product, it is more hydrated and the itching is significantly reduced. After use, I notice my hair is stronger and without product buildup and smells great like it has a fresh start!

Depois - visto de frente
After - front view
Depois visto de tras
After - seen from behind

The Final Verdict

I 100% recommend this product! It is very affordable and the quality totally pays off. The whole experience of using the product is fantastic and the final feeling is something we all should feel.

I use it every 2 weeks and it is already a ‘Must Have’ in my healthy hair routine!

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