How to sleep without messing up your curls

If you have curly hair, one of your biggest challenges is probably sleeping without messing up your curls.
Are you tired of waking up and having to spend hours fixing your hair to get your beautiful, defined curls back? The reality is that you don’t have to go to all that trouble, just follow some of our tips and tricks before bed.

Silk scarf or bonnet

A good way to keep your curls protected while you sleep is to wear a silk scarf or a silk bonnet. Before you go to bed, groom your curls and put on the bonnet. During the night, the silk will not absorb the natural oils that your hair produces, leaving them without frizz or breakage. Since the fabric is very fluid, your curls will be able to breathe and will retain their natural shape. You will notice a difference from the very first night.

Silk or satin pillowcases

If you prefer to sleep with your hair loose, a good option is to exchange the usual cotton pillowcase for a silk or satin pillowcase. As we mentioned before, these fabrics are very beneficial for your curls. Cotton pillowcases will absorb your hair’s natural oils and cause your hair to break. With a silk or satin pillowcase this does not happen. When you wake up just put a finisher on your curls and they will stay amazing all day long.

The famous Pineapple

You have most likely heard of the pineapple hairstyle. This “protective style” consists of pinning all your hair up on top of your head. Preferably, secure your hair with a satin scarf in order to avoid marks on your hair. With this trick, you prevent the hair strands from moving out of place and rubbing against the pillow, making your curls messy.

The Bantu Knots

This is another “protective style” for sleeping that also works very well, especially on curlier hair. It takes a little more work, but the final result is well worth it. It consists in dividing the hair into several strands, rolling them up, and attaching them near the root of the hair, simulating several knots. When you wake up, just let your hair down and your curls will be super defined and beautiful.

Did you like these tips or do you have any more you want to add? Share them with us in the comments!

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