How to refresh your curls on days after

Waking up with shapeless hair and messy curls, who hasn’t? It happens every day, especially if you don’t sleep with a silk/satin pillowcase or a protective style. But what do you do when you wake up with your hair like that? Catching and pinning your hair may be a temporary solution and just for that day, don’t forget that when you let your hair down again you’ll have a lot more “challenges” to deal with.

The secret to your curls staying beautiful and defined for 3/4/5 days without washing is in the refresh routine, and that’s what we’re going to talk to you about today.

Before we go any further into the subject there is something you should know. Every person is unique and as such, so is every hair. The refresh routine that works for one person may not have any effect on your curls. It is always important that you try to know your hair and test products that work best for you.

Some tips that might work for your curls:
  • First of all, start by spraying your hair with water or, if you prefer, add a little leave-in conditioner in the water and spray. For some curlies, this step alone may be enough, since water will reactivate the previously used products;
  • If your curls are more stubborn, the next step is to apply some of your favorite styling product to your hands and apply it to your hair using the “scrunch” technique;
  • The final step is to do a “zhoosh” on your scalp. Turn your head down and rub your fingertips into your scalp, creating volume.

Very important tip: Don’t use combs/brushes, or run your fingers through your curls when you are freshening them. This will mess them up and also create a lot of frizz.

With these tips you can get an idea of how to refresh your curls and make them last longer without having to wash them so often.

We always advise you to do your own research on techniques and products to use. You can take inspiration from other curlies and their refresh routines, and see what works best for you. Remember that hair type, porosity, length, and all the environment around it are all factors that greatly influence the results.

Eventually, your hair will get a lot of frizz and look less clear. This is perfectly normal, it just means it’s time to wash.

Did you like our tips? Let us know in the comments what your ‘refresh’ routine is!

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