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Nothing boosts a person’s self-esteem more than having perfect hair. If you like to see your hair full of volume, know that it is possible just by following a few simple steps in your routine.

Remember that just as everyone is different, so is your hair, so tricks that work for a certain Curlie may do absolutely nothing for your hair.

Fortunately, we have plenty of tips that can give your gorgeous crown of curls a volume boost.

Why does your hair lack volume?

When we talk about curly hair, people immediately assume that it is constantly voluminous hair, however, you should know that it is not quite like that. If you have very fine or long hair, you should know that keeping it voluminous is not that easy. Having dry hair can also be one of the reasons why you can’t get the volume you want. Lastly, the products you use also influence the volume in your hair, since products such as oils tend to weigh down your hair.

Tips for getting the much desired volume:

  • Try to keep the roots of your hair always clean

The main step to getting volume is to have clean and healthy roots and scalp. Keep your scalp free of oils and product buildup by regularly washing with a light, nourishing shampoo.

  • Try a Dry Shampoo

In addition to absorbing the hair’s natural oils and helping to keep the roots clean, dry shampoo will add volume to the roots of your hair.

  • Apply conditioner only from mid-lengths to ends

If you apply conditioner at or too close to the hair root, the hair will tend to weigh down, losing its potential volume.

  • Try lighter styling products 
If you still not getting enough volume try testing lighter styling creams or give it a go with foams and mousses.
  • Change which way you flip your hair

If you always part your hair in the same place, it is normal that your hair gets used to it and starts to “flatten out” in that area. Try to break this habit and you will see that your hair will immediately have much more volume.

  • Shake your hair upside down

By doing this you will be pulling the hair away from the scalp, which in itself already provides plenty of volume at the root, but also in the rest of the hair due to the motion of putting the head down and back up again.

  • Blow dry your hair upside down

The explanation for this tip is very simple. Turning your head down will pull your hair away from your scalp and dry out your roots in that direction. When you lift your head back up you will notice incredible volume.

  • Try sleeping with the Pineapple Protective Style

Catch all your hair on the top of your head with a scrunchie, to protect your curls overnight (you can see how to do this hairstyle here). When you wake up and release your hair you will have instant volume.

  • Invest in volumizing products

There are several products appropriate to give your hair a helping hand to achieve volume. All it takes is a quick search to choose your favorite.

  • Cut hair in layers

It should come as no surprise to you that many Curlies choose to cut their hair in layers. This cut helps the hair to curl in stages and not weigh down the roots as much, thus helping to achieve much more volume.

These are some of our tips for getting more volume in your hair. We remind you again that there is no guarantee that all these tricks will work well on your curls. The important thing is to be patient and love your hair.

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